Free participation

Please register and choose your days

Every type designer or font label is invited to contribute to this project, though we’ll only present fonts that has been released in the last three years and that any customer can purchase. Participation is free and you will receive one copy of Typodarium for free (free shipping within Europe, outside Europe shipping costs have to be paid). As soon as you are registered you’ll receive a confirmation. Please only use our masterfile to edit your work.

Choose and reserve your favorite day(s)

You can choose your favorite days and book up to five days. That means that the file upload is limited to 5 (five) files per designer/studio. Of course it’s also fine if you book/upload just one day! Please do not book your favorite days one after the other, but spread it over the whole year.

Confirmation by the editors and the jury

Please notice that your contribution will be checked by our jury. If we consider your work not as appropriate we may reject it. Once your work has been carefully judged and chosen, you'll receive a confirmation.


Call for entries: December 12, 2014
Submission deadline: January 23rd, 2015, 8 pm (UTC+1)
Print: March 2015
Distribution starts in July 2015