Grant of rights

With your signature/by sending in your work, you give Hermann Schmidt Mainz and Slanted Publishers the unlimited right (in time and space) within the Typodarium, to publish, distribute, and merchandise this calendar. This applies especially for all publications that cover the product. This medium promotes your font and we will sell through Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, in chosen bookstores for the price of a nominal fee. You will receive one copy of TYPODARIUM 2016 for free (free shipping within Europe, outside Europe shipping costs have to be paid).

The below signed hereby confirms that (1) the information attached hereto is correct, (2) the below signed is either the sole owner of all rights to the work or has been authorized by the owner(s) of such rights to grant the rights herein granted, and (3) the publication of the work will not violate the rights of any third party. The below signed agrees that (1) the below signed will not receive any direct financial compensation from Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz or Slanted Publishers for granting these rights herein. Herewith we admit Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz and Slanted Publishers UG (haftungsbeschränkt) to use and print our uploaded work for the calendar TYPODARIUM 2016 and all other promotional purposes (f.e. advertisments, websites, mobile phone apps, etc.).